Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Rosenblatt Recitals remembered.......

Time to revisit the Rosenblatt Recitals Series for a number of reasons.

First, I notice that there is now a video of Vuyani Mlinde's drinking song on the Rosenblatt video channel.

Secondly, there is a new series which begins in September.

And finally, I won't be in London to see it.  I'll be in Manchester, so I'll have to rely on others to let me know how the series goes.

The Rosenblatt Recitals Series has been an enjoyable experience for me, seeing and hearing up and coming young singers choosing the best music to show off the best of their vocal repertoire.  Each has been different in its own way, especially as each singer is accompanied only by a pianist and not a full orchestra.

I can highly recommend the upcoming series, featuring the return of JUAN DIEGO FLĂ“REZ
and a very interesting looking group of performers performing a very varied choice of programmes over the coming months.  And remember to buy the concert programme, you'll thank me when you do!

Don't forget to check up on the Rosenblatt Recital Series' Facebook page, to keep yourself up-to-date on who is performing and when.